Solutions for floors and walls laying

Quality overlaps with quality in a virtuous development.

Solutions for substrates and laying of floors and walls, distributed in 4 different product lines. From the lightened backsurfaces and the thermo-acoustic insulators to the special composition of screeds, from waterproofing solutions to special formulations of adhesives for tiles up to the high aesthetic performance of solutions for grouting.

The products of Fornaci Calce Grigolin are characterized by the high quality, which has conquered the professionals of the building industry.

Consult the catalogue and discover our products for underlaying and laying of floors and walls:

1. BaseForte® Lightened substrates - Traditional screeds - Self-levelling screeds - related products

2. AquaTutor® Waterproofing.

3. GrigoKoll® Tiles adhesives.

4. FugaStyle® Grouting cement.

Lightened subfloors - BaseForte®

Traditional screeds - BaseForte®

Self-Levelling screeds - BaseForte®

Related Products - BaseForte®

Waterproofing - AquaTutor®

Tiles glues and adhesives - GrigoKoll®

Grouting cement - FugaStyle®