Fornaci Calce Grigolin: over 50 years in the building industry

In Ponte della Priula, along the shore of the Piave river , in the '50s Giobatta Grigolin starts his entrepeneurial adventure in an area of established tradition for the production of lime.

Survived to the Russian campaign, he invests his savings in an old american truck and he starts to transport sawdust and river stones: fuel and raw material for the lime furnaces based along the river bed.
Since then, his moral strenght, his intuitions and his generosity have been an example for the whole family, who proudly inherited the wonderful reality.
The first Grigolin lime furnace starts producing in 1963 and after only three years the production is triplicated. The following business development transforms the small family company into an important reality of the italian industry.

  Fornaci Calce Grigolin development phases:
  • End of 80s: skimmers and mortars production start;
  • 1995 - Ponte della Priula (TV) Factory 
    • Mortars and skimmers
    • Self-levelling screeds

  • 2000 - technological products research, development and production;
  • 2001 - new factory in Medesano (PR)
    • Skim plasters and adhesives
  • 2002 - new factory in Bosco Marengo (AL) 
    • Special mortars for walls renovation
  • 2003 - Acquisition of factory in Ettlingen - Germany
    • Germany know-how study and acquisition
    • Insulation systems and paints
  • 2004 - New factories in Borgoricco (PD) and Colleferro (Roma)
  • 2005 - New paints factory in Medesano (PR)
  • 2006 - New factory in Zandobbio (BG)
    • Technical mortars
  • 2008 - New factory in Nuvolera (BS)
  • 2012 - the third lime furnace in Ponte della Priula (TV) starts producing