Lime uses

Fornaci Calce Grigolin produces various types of Lime (click here to see all products) for many sectors with various uses.
In particular, for interventions in ECOLOGY AND ENERGY, lime is used in its various derivations for the treatment of industrial fumes, in particular those produced by thermoelectric power plants, coal-fired plants, waste-to-energy plants or incinerators.
Lime is also used for the neutralisation of acidic waters and the removal of phosphates, and for the flocculating action it performs, in combination with other substances, in water purification. Lime is also used for the dewatering and conditioning of sludge from physico-chemical and biological treatment plants, including dredging of ports and canals.
The ecological function of lime is in the inertisation of toxic-harmful waste, the remediation of industrial sites and polluted soils, as well as the treatment of bodies of water, in order to re-establish the optimal pH for the development of life forms.
Lime is also widely used for the STABILISATION OF CLAY SOILS for the construction of roads, railways and airports.
In AGRICULTURE, lime finds various applications both in zootechnics for the production of phosphates for animal feed and for the correction of acid soils and disinfection of environments, combined with copper sulphate, where it is used as fungicide (Bordeaux mixture). Furthermore, the use of lime in agriculture allows for less use of chemicals and pollutants.
In the INDUSTRIAL sector, lime has various uses, in particular in the chemical industry for the production of calcium stearate, to purify citric acid and glucose, as a desiccant and absorber of carbon dioxide and in the petrochemical industry to produce additives for lubricants.
Also in the leather industry for tanning.
In the pharmaceutical industry to prepare calcium and magnesium salts and in dentistry as a medicine in underpinning and endodontics, and in the food industry for sugar production and for treating wastewater from industrial processes;
Finally, lime is used extensively in the iron and steel industry in the production of steel as a scorificant and desulphurising agent.
The use of lime in CONSTRUCTION has always been widespread for the preparation of premixed high quality plasters and mortars as well as the production of lightened concretes (cellular concrete or gasbeton).