Thermal insulation

When a building fails to properly retain heat inside we have heat loss, so in winter it is cold or wet and requires many hours of heating to become comfortable. In the same way, in summer, it does not shelter adequately from the external heat nor it is able to retain the fresh air derived from a possible air conditioning system.
The correct insulation of the external walls allows to improve the thermo-hygrometric comfort of the building, to solve the problems due to thermal bridges, and is the first step to achieve an adequate level of comfort.
Grigolin solutions for thermal insulation are ETA certified, with high quality standards and ease of application:
  • adhesives and coats for thermal insulation;
  • thick coatings, plasters, mineral finishes;
  • EPS insulation panels, rock wool, calcium silicate, cork or wood fibre;
  • multiple accessories for the correct laying of insulation panels; 
  • thermal mortars for insulating blocks;
  • heat-insulating plasters.
In the Technical Utilities section you can download:
  • Objects BIM
  • Entries in the specifications
  • Construction details
Usable for all renovation projects, Superbonus and Ecobonus, new constructions.

Thermal insulation adhesives and glues

Coatings and plasters

Thermal insulation plasters

Thermal insulation mortars

Insulation panels

Dowel screws

Mesh for coating systems