ONE COAT - KUNSTHARZPUTZ K 0,7-1-1,2-1,5-2-3 mm

Anti-algae acrylic thick plaster for exterior surfaces

ONE COAT is a fiber-reinforced in-depth finishing, composed of acrylic copolymers in aqueous dispersion, color pigments, resistant to UV and controlled and verified mineral fillers. The product has an intonachino effect, it is available in different particle sizes and has a mixture of active ingredients for a broad spectrum of action that goes against the proliferation of molds, fungi and algae on the film of driy product. Moreover, it is easy to apply due to its excellent workability, is resistant to alkali and weathering, has a low dirt retention and a good water repellence.
ETA-certified product for thermal insulation systems.

On the employment fields:
ONE COAT is a special coating suitable for the protection and decoration of the exterior surfaces of new buildings and renovation work in urban construction. Moreover, it is suitable for application onto base plasters, based on hydraulic lime-binder, premixed and traditional, insulation coating systems like thermo-plasters, concrete conglomerates and cement skim plasters.
ONE COAT may be tinted with the arteMURI tintometric system.


Data sheet:
1,6-4 kg/m² a seconda del supporto e della granulometria utilizzata
pronto all'uso
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Elementary School
Ponte della Priula (TV)
Residential and Commercial Building
Via Roma, Lesignano De Bagni (PR)
Residential Building
Via Cavalleria, Pordenone (PN)