Foundations and consolidation

Normally the term "betoncino" means a cementitious mixture with low thickness aggregates (lower than those used for concrete), that is a plaster with "a lot" of cement and therefore with higher mechanical resistance than the norm. Technology, experience and the unique specificity of each site have led us to define the standards to be used in this particular sector.
With the GRIGOFOND line, Fornaci Calce Grigolin has developed, in addition to the "basic" concrete, a wide range of products divided into BETONCINI COLABILI, PROIETTABILI and MALTE PER INIEZIONE, which allows us to meet all the needs of construction sites: design, geological, logistical. All productions are constantly controlled both in the plant and on site to ensure consistency and certainty of performance.
In order to be able to carry out a correct laying job, silos have been equipped with packaging and conveying systems customized according to the premix, designed and manufactured to take into account the different dynamics of construction sites and to provide quality, productivity, flexibility, environmental protection, safety as well as an important factor: the efficiency needed to meet deadlines and costs.

Betoncini - Light concrete

Mortars for injections

Foundation dry premix

Projection dry premix