The products in this category are designed to finish and level plastered surfaces both indoors and outdoors or that have certain characteristics, such as skim coat, concrete, plaster, smooth surfaces or those that are not very absorbent.
They represent the decorative element of traditional building: the "fine mortar" or the "civil" plaster are now recognized standards in both restoration and ex-novo works.

GR 100-200-300

Precious mineral wall decoration, extra-white

AG 10 Rasotherm

Multi-purpose, light colored, powder skim plaster also for reinforced walls


Fiber-reinforced light color, powder, multi-purpose skim plaster with low...


Fine mortar with high quality and good workability

FG 05

Dry fine mortar, lime based, for interiors

FG 06

Water-repellent dry fine mortar for exterior

FG 55 B

White lime-based finishing plaster for interiors and exteriors

FG 56 B

Finishing plaster, white colour, for interior and exterior surfaces

PK 080

Highly protective, waterproofing finishing plaster

PK 125

Highly protective, waterproofing finishing plaster

LG 01

Skim plaster for concrete grey colour

LG 22

Skim plaster white colour

LG 55

Gypsum-lime based finishing skim coat

LG 136

Skim plaster finish based on gypsum