FG 55 B

White lime-based finishing plaster for interiors and exteriors

Dry premix based on light-colored selected inerts, binders based on high purity aerial lime and low content of soluble salts, small amounts of hydraulic binder and highly biodegradable special additives.
On the employment fields:
FG55B may be used as an interior finish on new rough plaster (such as our IG14, IG28, FG12, etc.), using the “fresh on fresh” technique. FG55B should not be used on gypsum, painted or inconsistent and brittle surfaces. Do not apply on concrete or on surfaces with irregularities larger than 3-4 mm. Avoid use on completely dried plaster.
Data sheet:
Specific weight determined in free fall
Maximum diameter
< 0,8
Water in the mix (percentage)
ca. 45
Maximum application thickness
per sp. 3 mm - 3-4
Thermal conductivity
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet