BF 16

Dry premixes based on selected aggregates and pozzolanic hydraulic binder for micropiles. Mechanical resistance to compression at 28 days > 38 N/mm².

Dry premix based on selected aggregates in a suitably recomposed particle size curve from 0 to 3 mm, pozzolanic hydraulic binder and water reducing and pumping promoting additives.
On the employment fields:
The BF 16 concrete mix is automatically mixed by the mixing machine (SMP type) with water at a rate of approx. 17 liters per 100 kg of powder. As an alternative to the SMP pump, we recommend the use of double mixing machines or technical solutions able to guarantee adequate and effective mixing of the product with the mixing water. The mortar prepared in this way can be pumped by the pump (SMP type) with a flow rate of up to 100 l/' at a pressure of up to approx. 15 bar; these values are merely a reference as the data may vary depending on the length of the casting pipe, its diameter and climatic conditions.
Data sheet:
Resistance to compression at 28 days
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
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