BF 04

Dry premix based on selected aggregates and hydraulic binder for plastering and consolidation. Mechanical resistance to compression at 28 days > 30 N/mm².

Dry premix based on selected aggregates in a suitably recomposed grain size curve from 0 to 3 mm, cementitious binder, pumping promoter additives and additives to improve workability.
On the employment fields:
BF04 is a concrete mix that can be pumped with screw and piston plastering machines. It can be applied indoors and outdoors on substrates such as bricks, rough concrete, blocks and plaster mesh, and in all cases on walls that require the use of thick reinforced plaster. Given its high mechanical resistance, it is used as a structural plaster and consolidation work in general. It must not be applied on gypsum, painted or inconsistent and friable supports. For applications on smooth concrete, use the products in the Galileo range (e.g. Galileo MURATURA). For applications on particular substrates, contact our Technical Department.
Data sheet:
Volume mass in free fall
circa 1600
Maximum diameter
Water in the mix (percentage)
Consumption per 1 cm layer
Resistance to compression at 28 days
Data sheet
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