Highly deformable adhesive specific for the laying of large-format plates, to be used as an integral part of the MAGNIFiX system. Particularly suitable for installation on the exterior façade and on heating and cooling screeds. Class C2TE S2

GRIGOKOLL® GENIUX is a dry premixed adhesive based on selected inerts, hydraulic binder and special additives classified by UNI EN 12004 norm.
Premixed cement adhesive (C), improved (2) , glide resistant (T) with an extended open time (E) and highly deformable (S2).
On the employment fields:
Specific for the MAGNIFiX system for laying large-format porcelain stoneware;
Installation of all kinds of ceramic, absorbent and non-absorbent, of stone material stable to humidity, mosaics of all kinds;
Laying outdoor and indoor, walls and floors;
Overlapping on existing floors, swimming pools, heating screeds, places subject to heavy traffic;
Suitable for high performance poses, in industrial buildings or on the facade;
Suitable for applications on any type of cement support, bastard mortars, old ceramic floors;
Particularly recommended over waterproofing made with products of the AQUATUTOR® product line;
Application on plaster, plasterboard, anhydrite screeds after treatment of the surfaces with BASEFORTE® PRIMER IDROX, at least 6 h before installation.
Data sheet:
Water in the mix
Open time
circa 30
Registration time
circa 50
Time till walk-on
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Public Building
Naples (NA)