Premixed adhesive with cement binder, fast gluing, very performance and good workability, for the installation of ceramic tiles of any type and size, and stones sensitive to stains but stable to water. Class C2FT

GRIGOKOLL® RAPIDUX is a mono component dry premixed adhesive based on selected inerts, grey hydraulic binder and special additives, classified by UNI EN 12004 norm.
Premixed adhesive (C), improved (2), fast (F), glide resistant (T).
On the employment fields:
GRIGOKOLL® RAPIDUX is a grey adhesive with rapid hydration, mixed binder, very high performance and workability, for laying of ceramic tiles of any type and size, stones and marbles sensitive to stains but stable to water.
GRIGOKOLL® RAPIDUX is suitable for application indoors and outdoors on any type of substrate and cement plaster normally used in construction, even if these are subject to dimensional variations (heating screeds).
It may be also used for laying directly on top of old ceramic pavements.
The supports shall not be excessively absorbent. For laying on plasterboard walls, we recommend the correct preparation of the support, with the application of BASEFORTE® PRIMER IDROX.
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