Single-component, ready-to-use silane adhesive for laying wooden floors of all shapes and species.

Single-component silane adhesive specifically formulated for bon ding small-sized pre-finished
multi-layer and solid floors on cementitious substrates or on pr e-existing non-absorbent floors
(marble, tiles, palladiana, wood substrates).
When applied evenly to the installation surface, GRIGOKOLL® WOO D BIOTEC creates a waterproofing
barrier that helps prevent rising damp from cementitious substrates.
On the employment fields:
Media types:
• Absorbent and non-absorbent flooring
• Traditional cementitious screeds
• Anhydrite screeds
• Calcium sulphate screeds
• Absorbent and non-absorbent underfloor heating or cooling substr ates
• On these surfaces, they can be glued with GRIGOKOLL® WOOD BIOTE C:
• 10 mm solid wood elements without interlocking (lampar quet) according to DIN EN 13227
• Solid laminated wood (industrial) according to DIN EN 14761
• Multilayer prefinished flooring according to DIN EN 13489
• Cork flooring
If GRIGOKOLL® WOOD BIOTEC is applied uniformly and homogeneousl y (forming a continuous
layer), it can act as a vapour barrier exclusively for the types of parquet mentioned above, with tongue and groove joints and on unheated floors, with r esidual humidity up to 4%
corresponding to 85% of ambient humidity.
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