CC 33

Cement-based, light screed

The CC 33 light screed from Fornaci Calce Grigolin is a lightweight cementous conglomerate, composed of hydraulic binder, lightweight aggregate and specific additive (colloidal foam).
On the employment fields:
The CC33 light screed has numerous fields of application, ranging from preparation of roof and terrace slopes to the rehabilitation of fretted metal sheet roofings, from the insulation of attics to filling excavation, foundations, gutters, etc. It is particularly suitable for the construction of surfaces suitable for subsequent installation of floor heating systems as it allows for the obtaining a good flatness of the jets carried out and a maximum uniformity of product. Moreover, it is suitable as a substrate for civil and industrial pavements.
Data sheet:
Cement Dose
Resistance to compression 28days
Absorbtion 60% relative humidity
Thermal conductivity
Water vapor permeability μ
Synthetic foam dose
circa 1,6
Foam dose
(densità 50/60 g/l) circa 747
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Residential Building
Via Maria, Frosinone (FR)