International training in the Medesano (PR) factory

11/25/2021 -
On Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd November, several training sessions were held for the works directors of an important client situated in a famous archipelago of the Indian Ocean. Our client is interested in further expanding the use of Fornaci Calce Grigolin products for prestigious interventions in resorts and luxury hotels.
In particular, the client already distributes paints and coatings Artemuri (Power Lux and One Coat), adhesive and skin plaster for coatings (AC 20 Unilight) in addition to water-repellent finishing plasters (PK 080 white and grey).
The visit with training was intended to deepen the potential of our special INFINITUS CYCLE.
The cycle is very interesting for the customer because it is a valid alternative to "waxed cement", a type of concrete that in their country is spread like a resin both inside and outside, both for public buildings, commercial and private homes.
In addition to the presentation of infinitus, the following solutions were explored and tested:
Finally, various applications have been carried out for the recovery of Concrete Floor with the products: Grigolevel, Block and Riparamass,. As for Decoratives Products: Decorative Lime 5th Marmo and 5th Spatola.
The two days ended with mutual satisfaction and we agreed to visit in the future the important projects, in the Indian Ocean, where Grigolin solutions will be applied.