Castle in Bussi sul Tirino

Bussi sul Tirino (PE)
Bussi sul Tirino (PE)
The restoration of the castle of Bussi sul Tirino with products from the PALLADIO line by Grigolin
PALLADIO products by Fornaci Calce Grigolin offer Solutions dedicated to the restoration, consolidation and protection of the historical and architectural heritage of buildings, including those that are bound.
The restoration of the Castello di Bussi is a winning example of perfect synergy between the analysis and preliminary design, the choice of suitable products for the intervention and the correct execution of the works, carried out by the company General Costruzioni srl, with analysis and coordination of the Ing. Mario Cavagnuolo and Prof. Marcello Vasta.
The foundation of the Castle of Bussi in Bussi sul Tirino (PE) dates back to 1092. Probably the CASTRUM BUXIUS palace-castle, whose current configuration denounces numerous alterations, settled on the site of a castle prior to the sixteenth century. The fiefdom passed under various properties, including Cosimo De 'Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany.
The building has undergone various damage due to the earthquake that hit L'Aquila in 2009, which is about 40 km away as the crow flies.
The building is made of ashlars of local stone and bricks arranged in a disorderly manner to form wall faces of varying thicknesses with dimensions that reach up to two meters. The different construction phases and previous interventions are also identifiable thanks to unblocked walls or the use of different materials such as hollow bricks in the tower. The vaults, barrel vaults on the ground floor and mirrored vaults on the first floor, are in hewn ashlars of local limestone and concretion of gypsum and stone aggregates.
After a careful and scrupulous analysis of the vaults and walls, carried out with visual tests, endoscopies and sonic tests, it was possible to proceed with the actual consolidation, carried out with injections of PALLADIUM INJECTION into the vertical masonry partitions of the entire building. The original masonry vaults have been restored with a structural reinforcement intervention with the FRCM system consisting of PALLADIO STEEL 1350IN, a unidirectional fabric in steel micro-strands, impregnated with PALLADIO RINFORZA NHL FINO, a structural lime mortar.
The diagnostic investigations carried out after the intervention have highlighted the excellent results obtained:
• homogenization of stiffnesses;
• better distribution of seismic actions;
• important improvement of the mechanical characteristics;
• no significant increase in masses.
The external facades of the building were restored with PALLADIO CALCECOLOR lime plaster colored as per sample, while the internal surfaces were finished with a cycle of lime-based products: PALLADIO BI19 plaster and colored PALLADIO PASTELLATO finish as per sample.
Binder for masonry injections, based on hydrated lime
Transpirant bio-based render, tinted in mass, based on micronised calcium...
BI 19
Traditional bio base render, based on slaked lime Microcalce CL 90-S
Natural mineral finishing, tinted in mass, based on mycronized calcium...