Celine Flagship Building Cheongdam

Seoul, South Korea
Seoul, South Korea
New Buildings
Celine's new Flagship Building is located in the Cheongdam district of Seoul, South Korea.
This 7-storey building has a building mass consisting of a simple brick envelope. The facing brick used is light-colored terracotta and was laid with a special colored mortar made by Fornaci Calce Grigolin specifically for Fornace S. Anselmo S.p.A.
MGK 182 - KOREA is a water-repellent mortar for facing solutions with very high workability, created specifically for this realization, in a project that directly involved our R&D laboratory and that of Fornace S.Anselmo S.p.A. The mortar was colored with a color specially designed to enhance the external coating. The performances are those of an M10 mortar, with a low particle size to achieve the perfect grouting of the joints.
The brick "skin" resembles a veil, with a closed part and a transparent part showing a variety of elevations and sensations through this animated and tactile facade. During the night, when the building is illuminated, the full effect of the perforated brick skin is revealed.
A highly prestigious and high-impact construction, which perfectly complied with the project developed by the Casper Mueller Kneer architecture studio.
MGK 182
Waterproof mortar for masonry with exposed concrete, M10 class