S. Zenone Church

San Zenone Square
Verteneglio, Croatia
Completion Opera:
Maggio 2016

The parish church of Brtonigla-Verteneglio bears the name of San Zenone, bishop of Verona, celebrated by this Istrian town as its patron. It is believed that San Zeno was originally from North Africa, while during his ten-year bishopric, he implemented some reforms of ecclesiastical customs.

The church of S. Zenone in Brtonigla-Verteneglio is clear and illuminated inside. The ceiling is flat, the apse is polygonal, while the side walls are decorated with marble altars made in neo-baroque style. Between the entrance portal and the main hall of the church, there is a small vestibule.

On the facade there are two large windows, while the decoration under the cornice is represented by a series of blind arches. From the center of the facade rises a high pointed bell tower, while on the sides of the roof there are two small spiers that imitate it.

S. Zenone was built between 1859 and 1861 on the site of the oldest church of the same name which some sources date to 1480. Although there were indications in the sixteenth century that the old church would expand, this did not happen until the second half of 19th century, when the building received its present appearance.

The renovation of the facade was completed in early 2016.

Products from the Galileo bio-building line, BI 21 and AB 09 Rasocal were used, and the XIL2FILL algae-resistant acrylic-siloxane finish combined with the ONEMICRO primer from the Artemuri color line.

BI 21
Traditional bio base render, based on natural hydraulic lime NHL 3,5...
PALLADIO AB 09 Rasocal
Fine skim plaster based on NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime and aggregates with...
Anti-algae, acryl-siloxane filling finish for exteriors