Porto Piccolo Sistiana

Sistiana (TS)
Sistiana (TS)
New Buildings
Completion Opera:
Portopiccolo (Sistiana - TS) can be identified as an intervention of architectural, urban and environmental redevelopment of the whole area. With the construction of over 400 lodgings, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, spas and swimming pools, it is possible to understand how much the construction of this luxury village in the Bay of Sistiana has contributed to the recovery of the whole area.
The intervention, carried out in 5 years, maintains full respect for the physical and morphological characteristics of the land, giving new life to the surrounding landscape in a context that is still modern and valuable. Bathed by the crystalline waters of the Bay, nestled in the cliffs, the Borgo is part of the nature of these places and stands out thanks to the development of the architectural project, the choice of materials and finishing colors, as well as the attention to renewable energy and energy saving.
Fornaci Calce Grigolin SpA contributed to the realization of this very important intervention with the supply of the external finishes of the central bodies of the village, for a total of over 30,000 square meters of surface on which the external thermo-plasters were made to protect the houses, according to what required by the project and the specifications.
RG 12
Adhesion-promoting plaster, GP-CSIV-W1 according to the UNI EN 998-1
Thermal insulation background plaster ( λ = 0,09 W/mK). T1-CSI-W1...
Pigmented acryl-siloxane base
DUE SI COMPATTO 1-1,2-1,5-2-3 mm
Anti-algae, acryl-siloxane intonachino for exteriors
Mural enamel, superwashable, odourless, for interior applications