Special injection mixture based on natural hydraulic lime NHL 5

PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL is a special mixture for structural consolidation injections, with compensated
shrinkage, based on CALCE NATURA, NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime conforming to EN
459-1, eco-pozzolan and selected micronised calcium carbonate fillers.
CALCE NATURA NHL 5 is a binder produced by firing and grinding particular marls of a se -
lected chemical-physical nature. Marls are sedimentary rocks formed by a mixture of calcium
carbonate and clay (clayey limestone). The particular quality of the
The raw material combined with the traditional and consolidated method of processing, with
low firing temperatures compared to cement, give CALCE NATURA NHL 5 binder a series of
chemical, physical and mineralogical characteristics that differentiate it from all commercially
available limes (artificial hydraulic limes or mixes).
From a physical point of view, CALCE NATURA NHL5 is characterised by an “open structure”
with a high surface development of pores, which results in a high rate of water loss (drying),
high breathability and the ability to regulate the humidity in rooms. The durability of the materials
is guaranteed by the presence of dicalcium silicates which react slowly with the mixing water
to form stable, non-reactive compounds typical of historical mortars. Careful control of the
grinding parameters ensures that the CALCE NATURA NHL 5 binder has a grain size dispersion
that favours the workability and plasticity of the mix.
From a mineralogical point of view, CALCE NATURA NHL 5 mainly consists of dicalcium silicates
that react slowly with the mixing water to form stable, non-reactive hydrated compounds.
The unique composition of the mortar, obtained from aggregates of different grain sizes, makes
it easy to work, with mechanical properties and elasticity that guarantee durability over time.
PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL does not add water-soluble salts to the masonry and is resistant to
PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL makes it possible to reproduce, from a physical, chemical and
mineralogical point of view, the characteristics of the original mortars of the masonry present in
listed historic buildings.
PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL guarantees the restoration of the mechanical resistance and structural
homogeneity of the masonry without generating local rigid and mechanically inhomogeneous
portions. The high fluidity and the micronized granulometry allow PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL to
ensure the maximum filling of all voids in the masonry.
On the employment fields:
PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL is ideal for structural consolidation by injection in all cases where
you want to restore structural continuity to the masonry section af fected by cracks, voids,
lack of bedding mortar, etc.
It can be used in combination with connections/point anchors in stainless steel Aisi 316 (PALLADIO
HELICAL BAR), in alkali-resistant glass fibre (PALLADIO GLASS CONNECTOR 10AR),
in basalt fibre (PALLADIO BASALT CONNECTOR 10), in the formation of diatons, in the r eadhesion
or securing of decohesive plasters, in the formation o f reinforcement chains.
The advantages of PALLADIO INIEZIONE NHL are:
• absence of chemical interaction with the constituent elements of the original artefact;
• excellent thixotropicity
• absence of bleeding and segregation phenomena.
Safety Data Sheet

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