Ready to use, lightweight thermal insulating base screed with fine beads

Pre-mixed thermal insulating screed based on special water binders pre-batched at 300 kg/m3, spherical virgin expanded polystyrene beads with high thermal insulation properties (Ø 2 mm), mixed with the special E.I.A. additive which allows a perfect mixing, excellent pumping and homogeneous distribution of the beads in the mix.
On the employment fields:
BASEFORTE PLANOMIX may be used for:
single-layer lightweight thermal insulating screeds;
lightweight thermal insulating base screeds (with or without gradient formation);
lightening and filling castings;
roof thermal insulation (pitched or flat roofs with or without gradient formation);
suitable for direct laying of prefabricated waterproofing membranes (hot bituminous, cold bituminous, cold synthetic) or solvent-free liquid sheaths.

BASEFORTE PLANOMIX is not suitable for direct laying of resilient floor coverings.
Data sheet
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