Premixed adhesive with high performance, null vertical glide and extended open time, deformable, Type C2TE S1

GRIGOKOLL ULTRAX is a premixed adhesive with high performance, null vertical glide, extended open time and deformable, based on selected inerts, white or gray hydraulic binder and special additives.

On the employment fields:
GRIGOKOLL ULTRAX is suitable to glue ceramic tiles on floors and walls, on any type of substrate and cement plaster normally used in construction, even if these are subject to dimensional variations (heated floors). Suitable also for the application of stones tiles, if the tiles are stable, not changing form with humidity and not presenting stains and salt efflorescence. It may be also used for laying directly on top of old ceramic pavements. Type C2TE S1.
Data sheet:
Water in the mix
Open time
> 30
Time till walk-on
circa 24
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Hotel "da Barba"
Asiago (VI)
New Garden
Via IV Novembre, 114 Ponte della Priula (TV)
Private Residence
Rovigo (RO)
Private Residence
Via Fratelli Kennedy, 27, Castagnole di Paese (TV)
Railway Station
Conegliano Veneto (TV)
Residential Building
via Marziale, Trieste (TS)
Residential Building
Via Maria, Frosinone (FR)

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