Fiber-reinforced light color, powder, multi-purpose skim plaster with low elastic module

Dry premixed skim plaster based on selected inerts, hydraulic binders, synthetic fibers and special additives to improve workability and elasticity.
On the employment fields:
AG14 Polyflex is a premixed skim plaster used to level surfaces of plasters that have imperfections. The special formula allows finishing of plasters with imperfections up to maximum 5 mm. and filling of plasters cracks, before applying the finish. Particularly indicated for restoration works and for applications on thermal insulation plaster (like Hydrotherm), on certain types of insulation bricks (cellular cement blocks or mineral wood) before the application of the finish; this intervention must be carried out on properly seasoned thermal insulation plasters (1 week per cm of thickness applied). It may be used to glue and level mineral wood panels and to level cork or mineral wool insulation panels in the thermal insulation coating of the Grigotherm line. Is is used to embed reinforcement meshes.
Data sheet:
Specific weight
Grain size
< 1,25
Application thickness per coat
(incollaggio+rasatura) 10-12
(solo rasatura) 6-8
Pot life (hours)
circa 4
Thermal conductivity
lambda (val. da tabulato) 0,36
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet