Lime jobs

  • For the treatment of industrial or fumes, in particular those produced by thermal power plants, fueled by coal, from incinerators or incinerators;
  • For the neutralization of the acidic water and for the removal of phosphates;
  • For the flocculating action which performs, in combination with other substances, in water purification;
  • For the dehydration and the sludge conditioning by plants of the chemical-physical and biological treatment, including the dredging of ports and channels;
  • Inerting of toxic waste, remediation of industrial sites and contaminated land;
  • For the treatment of bodies of water, in order to restore the optimum pH for the development of life forms.
  • For the stabilization of clay soils for the construction of roads, railways and airports.
  • In animal husbandry for the production of phosphates for animal feed;
  • In agriculture for the environments, combined with the copper sulfate correction of acidic soil and disinfection, it is used as a fungicide (Bordeaux mixture);
  • The land application allows less use of chemicals and pollutants
  • In the chemical industry for the production of calcium stearate, to purify citric acid and glucose, and as a desiccant absorber of carbon dioxide and in the petrochemical industry to produce additives for lubricants;
  • In the industry of the hides for tanning;
  • In the pharmaceutical industry for preparing calcium and magnesium salts such as medicine and dentistry and endodontics in the substrate;
  • In the food industry for the production of sugar and for the treatment of waste water from industrial processes;
  • In the steel industry in the production of steel as low-grade and desulfurizing agent.
  • Preparation of high quality premixed plasters and mortars;
  • Production of lightweight concrete (cellular concrete or aerated concrete).
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