Mycronised superventilated hydrated lime. Ideal for the sanitization of shelters for farmyard animals, realization of ecological and sanitizing paints, various uses in agriculture and gardening

SANICALCE is a mycronised super ventilated hydrated lime produced by extinguishing the calcium oxide obtained through cooking in modern regenerative furnaces, with high purity limestone (CaCO3 > 98 %).
A highly automative plant guarantees a high productivity and a constant control on each working process. Daily checks in laboratory guarantee the quality.
On the employment fields:
SANICALCE is a natural protection that works like a biologic barrier, without chemical additives, to protect and sanitize respecting the environment and can be used to:
• Sanitize farmyard animals shelters
• Rectify acidity in agricultural fields
• Fertilize garden and vegetable garden
• Protect fruits trees by painting (mix of water + SANICALCE)
• Neutralize acid discharge waters
• Realize plasters and mortars
• Reclaim contaminated fields
SANICALCE can on top be mixed with copper to obtain a nutritious solution based on copper, sulphur and calcium, applicable also on leaves, to nourish and fortify the plant.
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet