PALLADIO AB 09 Rasocal

Fine skim plaster based on NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime and aggregates with selected curve and 0,8 mm maximum grain size

AB 09 RASOCAL is a natural fine skim plaster made of natural hydraulic lime NHL 5 and aggregates with selected curve and 0,8 mm maximum grain size.
AB 09 RASOCAL has the following characteristics:
of high purity;
low in soluble salts;
resistant to atmospheric agents;
does not form vapour barrier.

On the employment fields:
AB 09 RASOCAL is the ideal product for the following uses:
as absorption regulator for new plasters of different kinds made with the products of the PALLADIO product line;
for the regularization skim plastering/adhesion bridge of existing plasters, after appropriate preparation and application of PALLADIO CONSOLIDA AC;
for covering reinforcement meshes;
as a primer for the application of transpirating lime paints.

Data sheet:
Specific weight determined in free fall
Maximum diameter
Water in the mix (percentage)
ca. 28
Consumption per 1 cm layer
Water vapor permeability μ
Thermal conductivity
Data sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Ca' Rainati Church
Ca' Rainati (TV)
Elementary School
Colognola ai Colli (VR)
Ex Red House
Arcella (PD)
Gandusio Theater
Rovinj, Croatia
Medulin Church
Medulin, Croatia
Private Residence
Val di Sole (TN)
Public Building
Naples (NA)
Rab Church
Rab, Croatia
Residential Building
via Marziale, Trieste (TS)
Residential Building
Via Maria, Frosinone (FR)
S. Zenone Church
Verteneglio, Croatia

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